Fish Tales is currently running 4 and 8 hour Ocean trips. Depending on the season and whats biting at the time, we fish for; Flounder, Spadefish, Triggerfish, Seabass, Tautog, Bluefish, King and Spanish Mackerel, Little Tunny, Bonito, Skipjack Tuna, Dolphin(the fish), Red and Black Drum, Cobia, Kingfish and a verity of Sharks.

Methods include, trolling, casting, drifting and bottom fishing on the reef and wrecks.

Distances range anywhere from just outside the inlet to 15miles offshore.

These trips are weather sensitive. We don't go out in what we consider rough weather. Even on calm days there is often a swell. If you tend to get seasick, or are concerned that you may, we suggest that you take Dramamine prior to taking the trip. It's best to take a pill the night before and another a hour before the trip. The doctor prescribed patch behind your ear is the most effective solution to motion sickness.

All bait, tackle and fishing licenses are supplied. You are welcome to keep any legal fish that you catch and the mate will clean them for you at the end of the trip.

There are restrooms at the harbor, other than that we have a port-a- potty on the boat.

Our boats are 24 foot long Carolina Skiffs, with canopy tops, fish finding equipment and all Coast Guard required safety equipment.

The cost of a 4 hour ocean trip is $399.00 for up 4 people, $100.00pp for additional anglers, up to 6 maximum.

The cost of the 8 hour trip is $750.00 for up to 4 people, $175.00 for each additional person, up to 6 persons. The 8 hour trip departs at 6am and returns to the dock at 2pm. We feel 4 anglers are best on both these trips. If the weather becomes too rough to stay offshore, we will move into calmer waters for a shorter and/ or discounted trip.